(8TH AUGUST 2018)






   7.30am - 8.00am

   Arrival and registration

   Registration of participants

   Main Entrance


   8:00am - 8:10am

   Devotion and Opening prayer

   Daystar University Chaplain
   Rev. Steven Nduto






   Dr. Erick Ater
   Fatmah Ahmed


   8.10am - 8.25am


   Afrizo – Hellen Mtawali & team

   8.25am -8.35am

  Welcoming Remarks

   Vice  Chancellor - Daystar University
   (Rev. Prof. James Kombo)

   8:35am - 8.40am


   Child Guest

   8.45am - 9.00am

   Background to the conference

   Mr. Noah Sanganyi

   Director of Children Services, State department &    Social Protection


   Introduction of Conference Committee


   Nelson Marwa Sospeter, EBS

   Permanent Secretary - Ministry of Labor & Social

   Conference Overview
   Invite Guest of Honour

   9:00am - 9.30am

   Guest of Honor ‘s  Opening Remarks

   Mr.  (AMBA) Ukur Yattani EGH,

   Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Labor & Social




   9.30am - 9.50am


   Prof.  Linda Theron

   Professor of Psychology – University of Pretoria
   South Africa

    From Vulnerability to Resilience



   Roseline Olumbe




   9.50am -10.10am


   Dr Florence Muli-Musiime

   Board Member, National Crime Centre (NCRC),


   Capitalizing on Evidence-based Approach for
   Improved Child Protection Interventions Visibility



   10.10am -10.30am

   Panel Discussion


   - Prof. Linda Theron
   - Dr. Florence Muli-Musiime

   10.30am -11.00am

       TEA BREAK





   11.00am – 1.00pm




   Thematic Area: Children and  HIV /AIDS




   Hall 1

   Session Chair:
   Dr.  John Kitui


   Vicent Kawuki (Uganda)

   Children coping with HIV /AIDs. from Vulnerability to    Resilience, a Case of Kitenga Sub-county, Mubende

   Jacinta Kwena (Kenya)

   HIV Positive Adolescents, Sexuality: A Survey of
   Knowledge, Perceptions and Practices in Kilifi

   Elizabeth K (Kenya)

   Enhanced Community - Facility Linkages for
   Improved Viral Load Suppression in Orphans and
   Vulnerable Children Programming – MWENDO project

   Thato Alpheus (Botswana)

   Barriers to highly active Antiretroviral Therapy
   amongst HIV-Infected Adolescents in a government
   hospital in Botswana.

   Ivan Titose (Mozambique)

   Role of community case care workers in improving
   HIV disclosure and retention in children

   Thematic Area: Children and HIV /AIDS



   Hall 2

    Session Chair:  
   Dr. Alice Munene

   Aanyu Caroline (Uganda)

   Safe Disclosure to Children and Adolescents living
   with HIV/AIDs–TASO Entebbe experience

   Linet Imbosa Muhati-Nyakundi (Kenya)

   Understanding Protection needs of Preschoolers
   affected by HIV/AIDs in Nairobi Slum Areas

    Jacque Wambui (Kenya)

   Exploration of SRHR implementation challenges faced
   by adolescents and young women with HIV in Kenya

    Nancy Yieya (Kenya)

   Use of data for Mhealth programming on achieving
   viral load suppression among adolescents OVC:
   MWEDO project

   Wandeo Humphrey (Kenya)

   Innovative Services for Orphans and Vulnerable
   Children: A Case of Kisumu County


   11.00am - 1.00pm

   Thematic Area: Children in Conflict Situations


   Hall 3

   Session Chair:  
   Anne Kiarie

   Kongoro J. Msongo (Tanzania)

   Understanding Social Welfare Officers needs and
   roles in Tanzania Refugees Camps:
   A case of Nyarugusu Refugee camp in Kigoma


   Nicholus Anyuor (Kenya)

   Political unrest and Child Deviance Impact of Kenya’s
   post-election violence on Child behavior in
   Migori County

   Ileana-Maria Turda (Portugal)

   Education as a way forward: Refugee youth and their    initiatives in Nakivale Refugee Settlement, Uganda

   Caleb Odhiambo (Kenya)

   Building the resilience of unaccompanied and
   separated refugee children in Dadaab Camp.

   January Mkamba (Uganda)

   The impact of poverty on youth female refugees in
   Nakivale refugee settlement, Uganda


   11.00am -1.00pm

   Thematic Area: Children and Alternative Care


   Hall 4

   Session Chair:
   Dr. Mary Mogute.

   Anna Jolly (Uganda)

   Factors that Support Reintegration: Lessons Learned
   in Year 1 of a Reintegration from Residential
   Care Project in Uganda

   Agalla Euphrasia (Kenya)

   Deinstitutionalization in charitable children
   institutions: A case study of embrace a street
   child drop in centre in Trans Nzoia
   County, Kenya

   Yared Degefu (Ethiopia)

   The Family for Every Child (Family) global alliance:
   Southern led approaches to child rights and

   Mary Mbuga (Kenya)

   The plight of children in alternative family care in
   Kenya: Case of effects of data on foster care

   Nancy Nungari (Kenya)

   Deinstitutionalization: experiences, challenges and    opportunities

   11.00am -1.00pm

   Thematic Area: Gender Based Violence and Violence against Children


   Hall 5

   Session Chair:
   Eunice Kilundo

   Ruth Walioli (Kenya)

   Interventions for Child Protection from Sexual Abuse:
   A case of Nairobi, Kenya

    Christine Kiiza (Uganda)

   Engaging teachers in addressing Violence Against    Children through an integrating Psychosocial
   support and social norms approach in western

   Mphatso Makuluni (Kenya)

   Mitigating the Causes and challenges of child
   marriages among the Maasai people in Kenya.

   Linah M Mwangi (Kenya)

   Effects of family conflict on child anti-social
   behaviour: A case of Kinangop sub county in
   Nyandarua County, Kenya.

   Oluwadamisi Tayo-Ladega (Nigeria)

   Prepubescent rape and extreme poverty among
   victims in Nigeria

   11.00am -1.00pm

   Thematic Area: Children and the Law


   Hall 6

   Session Chair:
   Daniel Mutunga

   Noah M.O Sanganyi (Kenya)

   Child protection programming for the less fortunate:
   A case of children of imprisoned mothers
   in Kenya.

   Esther Mugure Ndingu (Kenya)

   Vulnerability of Missing Children: Case of Nairobi
   Children’s Remand Home in Nairobi County,

   Jotham Kahihu (Kenya)

   The influence of prison environment on children living
   with their imprisoned mothers

   Sylvia Tuikong (Kenya)

   Enhancing Resilience among vulnerable Juveniles in    Charitable Children Institutions in Kenya

   Harrahs Malinda (Kenya)

   Knowledge & Practices on the Protection of Children
   from Abuse in Kenya.

   1.00pm - 2.00pm




   2.00pm - 2.30pm


   Simon Njoroge (Kenya)

   Who am I? Unmasking the realities and development
   needs of the adopted child



   Mr. Noah  Sanganyi

   Mr. Otto Sestak

   Head of learning and engagement , Hope and
   Homes for Children-Romania

   Alternative Family Care in the context of    Deinstitutionalization as strategy in Child Protection



   2.30pm - 4.30pm

   Theme: Children in Alternative Care



   Hall 1

   Session Chair:
   Peter Ogindo

   Maureen Orogot (Uganda)

   Alternative care as a response to institutional care for    children ( A practitioner's perspective)

   Adey Dereje (Ethiopia)

   Foster-to-Adopt ; A Journey to Belonging

   Hilary Mazzon-Watoto (Kenya)

   Closure of a Children Home Family based care for    vulnerable children

   Joseph Luganda (Uganda)

   Sustainable approach to developing community
   based Foster-Care in Uganda

   Margaret Kwamboka Sanganyi (Kenya)

   The plight of children in need of alternative care and    protection: A case of special needs children in Kenya

   Theme: Children in Institutions






   Hall 2

   Session Chair: 
   Annemarie Ojunga


   Brenta Muli (Kenya)

   The effects of institutional care on teenage
   socialisation in charitable children institution
   in Nairobi County, Kenya

    Alfred B Agaba (Uganda)

   An assessment of the Sustainable Comprehensive    Responses for Vulnerable Children and their Families    (SCORE) Child Friendly School Model in 35 Districts of    Uganda.

   Richard Mtokambali Haule (Tanzania)

   Children’s home strategy: Children’s experience on
   exit strategies and re-settlement programs

    Frost Vince (Kenya)

   Mitigating all forms of Child Abuse via Technology

   Peter Mageto (Kenya)

   Conspiracy of silence in care settings: Unmasking
   unethical practices among gatekeepers in Kenyan

   Theme: Gender Based Violence and Violence against Children



   Hall 3

   Session Chair:
   Dr. Solomon Nzyuko

   Dr. Erick Ater (Kenya)

   Violence against children as a reflection in child
   neglect mirror: A Case of child protection
   intervention among young couples in Kisii County,

   Florence Amono (Kenya)

   Positive Parenting Practices Addresses Violence
   against Children (VAC) in Families

   Fatou Binate Comoel (Corte D’ Ivoire)

   The Power of Literacy Classes for Girls: Increase
   Self -esteem and opportunities , Experience of
   resources towards the Elimination of Child
   Vulnerability (REVE) in Corte d Ivoire

   Anicent Nyangoma (Uganda)

   Gender and child neglect drives: Lessons from
   caregivers in post conflict Northern Uganda


   Seth Midenyo (Kenya)

   Observation on challenges in access to Gender
   based violence management, advocacy in
   Migori County

   2.30pm - 4.30pm

   Theme: Case management and Systems Strengthening


   Hall  4

   Session Chair:
   Jane Kositany


   Christina Stellini (Kenya)

   Utilizing Community-Based Early Education as an
   Entry Point for Enhanced Child Protection
   in Informal Settlements: A Replicable Model in

   Netsai Mudziwapasi -Shambira (Zimbabwe)

   Positive parenting intervention that opens
   communication between caregivers and
   adolescents while serving as a platform for case
   identification and linkages to services

   Alinune Nswema (Tanzania)

   A Systems Approach to Case Management to Meet
   the Needs of Vulnerable Children and Families in

   Sharon Anyango Onditi (Kenya)

   Influence of instructional practices on play-based
   activities in pre-school curriculum implementation
   in Homabay County.

   Naomi Reich (Tanzania)

   A Systems Approach to Case Management to Meet
   the Needs of Vulnerable Children and Families
   in Tanzania

   Kate Mc' Alpine (Tanzania)

   Doing the Right Thing to Protect Children in
   Tanzania: An Explanatory Theory of the
   Basic Psychological Process of Doing the
   Right Thing.


   2.30pm - 4.30pm

   Theme: Gender Based Violence and Violence against children




   Hall 5

   Session Chair:
   Dr. Susan Muriungi

   Stellah Staford Kihombo (Tanzania)

   Violence against children experienced in institutional
   care: A case study of Ilala municipal council

   Rose Mwangi (Kenya)

   Effectiveness of interventions in child sexual abuse
   and exploitation in Kenya: A case of Laikipia
   East Sub county

   Albert Wanjohi (Kenya)

   The effectiveness of police gender desks in
   addressing cases of Gender Based Violence
   and violence against children: A case of Nyandarua
   County - Kenya

   Dr. Ciriaka Gitonga (Kenya)

   A Family Systems View of the Perpetrators of Child
   Abuse: Implications for Child Protection in
   the African Context.

   Joy Elisha-Oyelere (Nigeria)

   Prevalence and pattern of sexual abuse by family
   members experienced among a sample of in-school
   adolescents in Ibadan North Local Government Area,

   Theme: Children with Special Needs




   Hall 6

   Session Chair:
   Divina James


   Hajira Nakiyimba (Uganda)

   Converting Silent Voices of Children with Special
   Needs to Proud Voices: A Secret to Resilience

   Euphrasia Agalla (Kenya)

   Challenges of the deaf children in child protection:
   A case study of precious kids children home in
   Trans Nzoia County, Kenya

   David Mwendwa Kimaili (Kenya)

   Addressing Challenges faced by children with
   Disability: A case study of Ikangavya Location,
   Makueni County, Kenya

   Dennis Nuwagaba (Uganda)

   Supporting access to devices for improved mobility
   of Children with Disabilities and building
   resilience for families: Lessons from Uganda's
   Partnership Approach

   Mary Mogute (Kenya)

   Inclusion of differently abled children in the church
   community; a study of selected churches in Nairobi




   5.00pm Onwards




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