Rev. Teresita Chua is an ordained elder of the Free Methodist church in the Philippines. She is the president and founder of the Philippine Free Methodist social ministries incorporated. This NGO is the social arm of the church which aids in responding to the needs of the many in the community.
She is the Director of AHON Community Care Center, which is a residential center of the foundation that houses boys and girls who are abused, abandoned, orphaned or children of extreme poverty. Additionally, Teresita is the President of BREAKS (an acronym that stands for Butuan Restores, Educates, Advocates, Kids on Streets).
This is an organization of different NGO's, government offices, faith based organizations, academic and business sectors who are serving street children and other children at risk and in crisis. She also serves as a member of the Board of Administration of the Free Methodist Church in the Philippines, which is the governing board of the FMC Philippines.