22nd – 24th November 2023
Daystar University, Valley Road Campus
Nairobi – Kenya.

IN AFRICA, 2023.


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WELCOME TO THE 2nd International Conference on Child Protection in Africa.

Theme: Violence Against Children ~ From Evidence to Action

The International Conference on Child Protection in Africa (ICCPAfrica) is a biennial event organized by the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection. The conference is jointly organized by State and Non-State Agencies. The lead agencies being The Directorate for Children Services, the NCAJ’s Standing Committee on Administration and Access to Justice for Children, National Council for Children Services; UN agencies; Universities, and non-governmental and private sector practitioners.

The ICCP Africa 2023 is the follow-up to the 2018 First International Conference on Child Protection in Africa, which focused on the themes of resilience, innovation, and evidence. Additionally, the 2016 International Conference on Best Interest for Children (BIC) in the Justice System, which took place in Nairobi, Kenya, served as the model for both gatherings. The special taskforce that organized the BIC conference is currently the Standing Committee on Administration and Access to Justice for Children. A unique feature of the 2023 conference is that it has coincided with the NCAJ’s Annual Child Justice Summit, which necessitates a joint platform to share learnings on administration and access to justice for children in the context of VAC.

The Conference comes three years after the global COVID-19 pandemic and seven years before the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals are accomplished. The ICCP Africa 2023 will allow experts in child safety the chance to confer on fresh ideas, breakthroughs, and evidence of their success and learnings, in reducing violence against children. All in accordance with the idea of having zero tolerance for violence towards children. In view of current concerns noted by stakeholders, such as the urgent need to end all forms of violence against children worldwide, the 2023 conference offers an opportunity to build on prior successes. The conference will also highlight capacity shortages and emerging good practices as supporting data to inform changes in programs, policies, and legislation that are in the best interests of children in Africa. The conference organizers acknowledge that there is a chance to learn from other continents and that the conference’s outcome will be good for children all around the world.


Violence Against Children ~ from Evidence to Action


The overall aim of the 2nd ICCP Africa 2023, is to contribute to and host a consultation on improved resilience against violence against children, the innovation and evidence of its effectiveness or lack of it in Africa and across the globe.

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