Call for Papers

The Technical Working Group (TWG) of the Directorate for Children Services is organizing the 2nd International Conference on Child Protection in Africa. The conference will be held from 22nd – 24th November 2023 in Nairobi, Kenya. This conference brings together key actors and stakeholders in the field of Child Protection in Africa and beyond. The conference will focus on violence against children which is a menace at both regional and global level. Participants will share and interrogate existing evidence and chart pathways to ending violence against children in the interest of creating safer environments.


  1. Understanding the Prevalence, Nature, Effects and Drivers of Violence Against Children (VAC)
  2. Legal, Policy, and practices for Responding to and Preventing VAC
  3. Evidence on Programs and Services that Effectively Prevent and Respond to VAC
  4. Strengthening Collaboration coordination, and oversight of VAC interventions
  5. Technology as an Enabler and Intervention for Addressing VAC Technology and VAC
  6. Prevention and Response to VAC in Humanitarian and Emergency Contexts
  7. Sustainable Funding for Enhancing Prevention and Response to VAC
  8. VAC in the context of Alternative and Community-based care
  9. VAC in the Context of Culture and Politics

Cross-cutting issues

  • Collaborative partnerships
  • Sustainability
  • Resilience
  • Inclusion
  • Disability
  • Vulnerability
  • Justice
  • Access to services
  • Capacity building